About Us


The McCalla name has been synonymous with pumps and well drilling since the late 1930’s when David McCalla purchased Dixon Pump Works. Jim McCalla later joined his brother David to further expand the business, which then became McCalla Bros. Pump and Drilling

In 1988 Dan and Bob McCalla, the second generation at the helm of the family business, made the decision to sell McCalla Bros. to Layne-Western, an international water well drilling corporation. At this time, the number of employees on the McCalla Bros. payroll totaled 180. Layne-Western was looking to expand into the Southern California market and achieved this by purchasing the well established and very profitable, McCalla Bros.
Curtis, Dan McCalla’s son, joined the McCalla division of Layne-Western after receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration in 1988. Curtis had worked in the water well drilling industry all his life and planned to open his own pump company in the future, after he received additional experience
working for Layne-Western. Curtis began work at the Chino branch as Assistant Drilling Superintendent and later took on responsibilities of Sales Engineer and Purchasing Agent. In 1991, Layne-Western promoted Curtis to Branch Manager of the Coachella facility. Curtis, due to his extensive experience, was honored as the youngest branch manager to hold such a position in the history of Layne-Western.
Curtis began with thirteen employees and expanded to a total of twenty employees under his management. In 1995, Curtis realized his dream of establishing his own water well and pump service company, South
West Pump & Drilling, Inc.